Current Members of the Lab



jp patagonia

Jean-Philippe Lessard
Concordia University Research Chair (2017-2022)
Concordia University Research Fellow (2016-2017)
Assistant Professor (2014-present) – Concordia University

Associate Editor: Journal of Animal Ecology



Tonia De Bellis

Tonia De Bellis (Visiting Researcher, FRQNT grant for CEGEP teachers)
Professor (2005 – present) – Dawson College
PhD (2002 – 2007) – Concordia University

Tonia is leading a project exploring mutualistic interactions between plants and mycorrhizal fungi in the context of biological invasions




Javier Ibarra-Isassi (NSERC CREATE Scholarship; co-supervised by Tanya Handa)

PhD (2016-present) – Concordia University
MSc (2014-2016) – Universidade Estadual de Campinas
BSc (Honours)(2007-2012) – Universidad de El Salvador

Javier is interested in how ant functional diversity can structure arthropod communities and affect ecosystem functioning across environmental gradients.






François Brassard
MSc (2016-present) – Concordia University
BSc (2013-2016) – Université Laval

François wants to know which traits might dictate the distributions of ants in North America.






Frédérique La Richelière (co-supervised by Ehab Abouheif)
MSc (2016-present) – Concordia University
BSc (2013-2016) – McGill University

Frédérique is investigating the evolutionary and ecological trends that lead to caste development in ant species on a global scale.





Sarah Ouimette (NSERC PGS M, co-supervised by Piero Calosi)

Msc (2016-present) – Concordia University
BSc Honours (2012-2016) – University of Ottawa

Sarah is investigating the suitability of thermal tolerance as a predictor of both geographic variation in population size and northern range limits in Odonates. 




Summer Research Assistants & Volunteers 2018

Carly McGregor (NSERC USRA)

Kelly MacDonald (Concordia USRA)





Lab Alumni

Sergio Vega (MITACS Scholarship)
MSc (2016-2018) – Concordia University
Sergio’s research aimed to determine how land use affects native bee communities in Quebec blueberry fields

Katherine Hébert (NSERC PGS M, co-supervised by Virginie Millien)
MSc (2015 – present) – Concordia University
BSc Honours (2012 – 2015) – Concordia University
Katherine investigated the mechanisms underlying the assembly of insular mammal communities across the globe. She is now doing a PhD with Dominique Gravel at University of Sherbrooke.

Daniella LoScerbo (NSERC USRA)
BSc Honours (2016-2017) – Concordia University
Daniella studied the effects of mite parasitism on odonate community structure

Julie Arrowsmith
MSc (2014 – 2016) – Concordia University
Julie worked on the maintenance of regional diversity in Odonates. Specifically, she is interested in how habitat associations might mediate the relative importance of stochastic and deterministic processes in driving among-community variation in species composition.

Sean-Anthony Di Paolo 
BSc (2012 – 2016) – Concordia University
Sean asked whether spatial variation in the community structure of odonate adults can be predicted by that of larvae

Victoria Pompa
BSc (2012 – 2016) – Concordia University
Victoria was interested in comparing the functional diversity of endomycorrhizal fungi on native and invasive Maple trees.